Raise your profile with prospective parents

As an exhibitor at the Independent Schools Show you will benefit from our comprehensive marketing campaign, so the more information we have about your school, the more effectively we can promote it. This page details some of the marketing initiatives that we’ll be undertaking before, during and after the show, and how you can be part of them.

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone to take part. To keep track of your submissions you can download this checklist. If you have any questions, or need any help, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 020 3301 0299. 

Please send us as many high resolution advertising/prospectus quality photographs of your school as you can, of different facilities and of pupils engaged in a range of activities.

Read our guide for supplying photographs and logos.

How we’ll use photos

  • In all of our marketing and advertising;
  • Added to your school's listing on our website.

We will be creating a number of short videos to promote exhibiting schools which will give prospective parents a real feel for what schools are like, and the kind of lifestyle their children would enjoy.

Raw video footage is preferable, but we can use any video content.

How we’ll use your footage

  • Short videos promoting the sector will be posted on our website;
  • Shared on our social media channels;
  • Available for our media partners to use.

The show once again falls over Remembrance Sunday. We are planning a ‘Wall of Remembrance’ in the main exhibition hall and would like to include as many schools as possible in order to create what we hope will be an interesting and thought-provoking exhibit.

Please send us:

  • A list of names of the fallen from your school from WWI
  • The number of deaths in WWI from your school
  • A photo of your school war memorial

Upload war memorial photos with your other photos and use the button below to submit information.

How we’ll use Remembrance information

  • As part of an on-site exhibit at the Show;
  • As content for a press-release;
  • On our website.
Supply information

This year visitors will sign up for  Education Theatre talks in advance and we will be supplying them with pre-show briefings. This is a great way to get your school's point of view  across on any of the topics that will be covered in the theatres.

You can either shoot a short video (on your phone is fine) and send it to us using the video link, or supply written contributions. Click into the form for a full list of topics, tell us what you think about as many or as few as you like.

How we’ll use your contributions

  • Pre-show video and written briefings, for carefully targeted audiences;
  • Incorporated into press releases;
  • Shared with The Sunday Times, who are sponsoring the Education Theatre.

What makes your school really stand out? Let us know what brings your school to life. This will help prospective parents and pupils to really get a feel for the kind of ethos and environment that makes your school so special.

Good examples include:

  • The Downs Malvern has its own 9” gauge miniature steam railway, so pupils can include engineering into their weekly programme;
  • Bedales has a working farm in its 120 acres of parkland, so pupils get hands on experience of animal husbandry.

How we use fun facts

  • on our website;
  • on social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

A powerful way for parents to really understand the benefits of independent education is through the success stories of pupils who they can identify with, especially if parents feel that their own children might have particular challenges that an independent education may help them overcome.

  • For example Solihull School had a pupil who by doing CCF (and excelling in particularly difficult circumstances on an expedition) boosted her confidence to such an extent that she came to terms with her dyslexia to win a place at Cambridge.

How we’ll use case studies

Depending on the story – and how involved the pupils you cite are prepared to be – we will use the examples you give us:

  • in marketing emails;
  • as content for the blog;
  • potential articles in the press.

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